Thinkun Wins Communicator Awards

A whole lot of hard work with GoGet and their brand new, fully responsive website has been recognised on an international level. We won gold in the business category for mobile websites, and silver in two other highly competitive areas.

You can find Thinkun’s entries on the Communicator Awards Website and Mobile awards lists.


This walkthrough will take us through standard usage of the simplePagination jQuery plugin by a Flavius Matis.

One thing to note about this plugin, which a few people may get confused about (like Ishan on SO), is that it technically doesn’t implement pagination itself. It generates a page navigator and provides the means, via jQuery events, to simply hook it up to our own pagination functionality.

This guide will take us through installation and a simple use case where we’re paging through rows of a table – showing only rows of that table that belong to the current page.

Hopefully by conclusion you’ll understand the concepts well enough to apply this pagination idea and plugin to your own needs – this may not be a table.. but a list? Could be… body parts of a fish, who knows?

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