Production-ready Cloud9 + WordPress Development

Hopefully you, like many, are using or have at least tried Cloud9. If you have, you’ve probably liked it and thought it was pretty nifty, but maybe are not yet prepared to use it for developing a serious project and migrating the result to production from there.

If you haven’t tried C9, then you may want to consider doing so. It’s a very handy tool that you can use for just about all forms of web development, and it’s been getting better and better. It is not only the epitome of convenience, but also something that I believe will help us all become more “adaptive” developers. We’ll be able to set up environments and get comfortable quickly instead of having to configure our own computer which will one day be reformatted or replaced.

Convenience and theoretical personal enrichment aside, can we use C9 for serious?

I was tasked with coming to a conclusion on whether to trust C9 for a not-exactly-multisite WordPress development in my office. I was to make sure that everything we’d need to do could be done simply before I gave it the all clear.

I’ve recorded some noteworthies and solutions to necessary non-trivial tasks below.

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